IT Project portfolio for Søren Kilimê

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IT Project portfolio for Søren Kilimê
  • Building the helpdesk: we are 12 trained staff to document and subsequently recruit and train 70 employees.

  • Insourcing local support from all Cooperate Companies and Customers.

  • Convert User Manager data to the new Active Directory and implement it in worldwide infrastructure.

  • Upgrade and document Citrix installations in production halls.

  • Upgrade Denmark's largest mail networks in Notes from the os / 2 to win2k and Unix.

  • Subsequent workstations from win95 and nt to win2k. Training of client power users.

  • Y2K project for global infrastructure, from production floors for offices worldwide for

  • Development and test of PC Denmark's first PC license for win2k office suite mm.

  • Upgrading Maersk Air's network infrastructure.

  • Implementation of new images for Maersk Air.

  • Implementation of Processes for Maersk Air.

  • Implementation of Maersk Air IT department documentation in accordance with the new

  • Testing the Antivirus clients' performance on Maersk standard images, and subsequent rollout.

  • Introduces IP telephony as the first in Denmark in cooperation with the U.S. and Japan.

  • Subsequently put video conferences up and test these.

  • Implement Intranet in notes and migrate old notes DB knowledge mm.
  • Ongoing testing of IT systems running on mainframe, Unix and Windows servers for optimal performance.
  • Implementation of ITIL processor in IT departments and subsequently Maersksealand operations.
  • Upgrading AD.
  • Testing the security of payroll data from banks.
  • Test of security when using the VPN and remote tools and utilities.
  • Migrate Notes mail exchange mail.
  • Implementation of Exchange of mainframe mail technologies, performance testing and many others. Later created office of nearly 100 men to deploy on workstations, servers and many others.
  • Testing Business Intelligense.
  • Testing Miscellaneous Web server technologies.
  • Testing Loadbalancers and firewalls.
  • Test of military networks and workstations in the field.
  • Test CMS portal solutions with single sign on and subsequent installation of CMS portal.
  • Testing the Oracle Vs. ZAP and subsequent implementation of MaerskSealand.